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Youth Sports Facility
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Natty Hatty is the best path to success within the youth sports industry. We provide facilities and their employees with tools to help grow their business at scale. No more spending countless hours getting bogged down with registration, scheduling, collecting payments, accounting and more.

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Our Software is 100% FREE TO YOU. No premium versions, free trials or any other gimmicks.


Facilities Love Natty Hatty!

No matter the facility’s size or sport, Natty Hatty is designed to help any recreational facility reduce overhead and increase revenue. Our platform was designed to automate your most inefficient processes, so you can spend more time growing.

  • No More Chasing down Payments

  • Spend Less Time Scheduling

  • Limit No Shows

  • Reduce Human Error in Accounting

  • Spend Less Time Creating Bookings

  • No More Manually Entering Player and Roster Information

  • Optimize your Marketing Efforts



Natty Hatty does it all!

At Natty Hatty, we believe every business should have access to the latest and greatest technology in the industry. Our free to you pricing
model allows any size facility to have access to tools that can manage every aspect of their business.

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    Program Registration and Management

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    Financials and Accounting

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    Collecting Payments

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    Scheduling Event

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System Designed for you


Simple and Intuitive

Tired of all the extra clicks and spending countless hours on training every new employee. We built Natty Hatty with our primary focus on delivering you a software that was so simple and intuitive that any new employee could create an account and perform tasks faster than ever before.


Scheduling and Communication

Properly communicating your facility’s schedule can be very stressful and time consuming. There are a lot of customers that need proper and constant communication of event schedules and updates. Natty Hatty keeps you organized and in constant communication with automated emails

  • Event Reminders

  • Event Cancellations

  • Event Reschedules


Increase Customer Satisfaction

Addressing customer inquiries can be a very time consuming process. Natty Hatty makes communication with your customers simple by providing them with a simple and easy to use app so they can:

  • View upcoming events

  • Receive event reminders

  • Register for Programs

  • Make payments online

  • Send cancellation and reschedule requests And more…


Break Down the Boundaries

Natty Hatty is the only software that has the capability to truly handle everyone's needs involved in youth sports ranging from Players to Teams to Indoor Facilities to League and Tournament Organizations.

This makes Natty Hatty the only software that allows you to seamlessly connect with everyone in the industry.


Ready to get started?

Create an account and elevate your business - no contracts required. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our sales team.