Your Customers Need
a Reminder

Natty Hatty reminders are built for your customers whose schedules are constantly changing. With our automated reminders we keep your customers organized and up to date.

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24 hrs until your next…

You have an event tomorrow.

For every event you have scheduled on your team’s calendar your players will receive a reminder 24 hours prior to the scheduled event. The reminder will be sent directly to their email, so they can be notified on any internet connecting device.

Events in your calendar

  1. Tryouts
  2. Leagues
  3. Tournaments
  4. Bookings
  5. Practices
  6. Additional Events
Let's Get Realistic

Cancellations & Reschedules

Schedules change all the time and when there are multiple teams and players involved the chance of cancellations and reschedules taking place drastically increases. Don’t worry our notification system and emails will trigger as soon as you cancel or reschedule your events. No more needing to call a weather hotline. All your players will be notified of the event’s changes in real time via email.

  1. Reschedules
  2. Cancellations
  3. Opponent Forfeits
The Fine Print

We take care of the details

Natty Hatty reminders go into the Location, Date, Time, Fields or Court Name and we'll even remind your players which jersey to wear for your upcoming game.

Your Player Reminder under a microscope

  1. Home and away match up
  2. Location of the event
  3. Time of the event and more…

Advantages of using
Natty Hatty Reminders

Limit No Shows

Natty Hatty will keep your players up to date with automated event reminders and updates.

Limit Players with the Wrong Jersey

Every game reminder will display the home and away matchup, so your players will show up ready to play with the correct color jersey.

Limit Location Miscommunication

Not only do our event reminders have the address of your event, but they also show the field and court name as well.

Ready to get started?

Create an account and keep your customers up to date - no contracts required. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our sales team.

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