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It’s essential to keep your finances in good shape. Natty Hatty gives you the freedom to take control of your finances and allows you to track every transaction down to the cent.

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Watch your revenue grow

Visualize your Finances

Natty Hatty dashboard allows you to easily visualize your club’s finances over any selected period of time with our easy to read graphs and data tables. We designed our dashboard in a simple and intuitive way, so you can easily summarize your finances at a glance.

Finances you can Trust

When it comes to your finances, the top priority is to provide your organization with accurate financial data. It’s time to have peace of mind knowing that your reports accurately reflect the money getting deposited into your account.

Filter and Compare

Natty Hatty allows you to easily filter and compare your finances over any period of time. Select from our presets or enter your own custom date ranges.

Let's Take A Deeper Look

  1. Revenue
  2. Reimbursed
  3. Accounts Receivable
  4. Credit Sent
  5. Registrations

More in finance from Natty Hatty

Automated Invoices

Natty Hatty makes creating invoices effortless, so you can easily track every dollar spent at your club. Know your revenue and accounts receivable down to the cent.

Simple Reimbursements

Natty Hatty keeps you worry free from manually reimbursing each invoice. Anytime you cancel or remove someone from a team or program you can choose to reimburse them. It’s all automatic and simple.

Streamline your Accounting

It’s time to stop manually transferring financial data from your management to accounting software. Multiple teams, multiple sports…? It doesn’t matter. Easily transfer your data to accounting softwares with our inbuilt data transfer features.

  1. Reduce Human Error
  2. Save Time
  3. Have fun

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