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Natty Hatty makes creating invoices effortless, so that you can easily track every dollar spent at your club. Know your revenue and accounts receivable down to the cent.

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Invoices for Every Aspect of
your Organization

Natty Hatty gives you the financial automation and hands on tools to make your invoices simple and intuitive. All transactions incur an invoice. The type of invoice generated depends on the activity you are running with Natty Hatty.

Team Invoicing

When you create a team, you will need to enter a registration fee and set up a payment plan. After registration has been completed, the invoices will be automatically generated and sent to the customers.

Club Program invoicing

When you create a program such as a tryout or camp, you can add a registration fee. After the customer completes their registration, an invoice will be automatically generated and their account will be charged.

Natty Hatty Credit Invoicing

In the case that a customer wants to buy credit at your club for themselves or as a gift for another customer, you can easily send credit to any customer in exchange for cash, check or credit. Invoices will be automatically generated at the time of the transaction.


Advantages of
Natty Hatty Invoicing

Hassle Free Payments

Counting payments each week can be very time consuming and increases your chance of errors. We make paying online easy and convenient for your customers, so that you can stop wasting your time with physical payments and outdated payment systems.

Automated Payments

Are you tired of trying to collect customer’s outstanding payments? It’s time to switch to Natty Hatty! When you create an invoice using Natty Hatty. The customer simply confirms the invoice and based on the invoice set due dates, the set amount is simply deducted from their account.

Limit Delinquent Invoices

Unfortunately there is no way to completely avoid delinquent invoices, but with Natty Hatty we make tracking your delinquent invoices easy. Easily filter your invoices by Status to view all your delinquent invoices in one convenient place.

Convenient Reimbursement Process

For those unforeseen circumstances, Natty Hatty is here to help make reimbursing customers effortless and as pain free as possible. If you were to cancel a team or program and elect to reimburse a customer, Natty Hatty can send the credits or refund directly back to the customer’s account.



Streamlined Payment System
for your Club


Create an Activity

Create a tryout, camp, team or more and get started.


Select Payment Options

Select one time payment or give your customers a payment plan. Choose what works best for your customers.


Get Auto Paid

Based on the payment plan you select, money will be automatically deducted from your customer’s account.

Ready to get started?

Create an account and start collecting today - no contracts required. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our sales team.

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