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Natty Hatty is where you’ll work to “save people time, and make their lives easier” with others who share your passion. Where business serves expertise. Where a healthy respect for courage and original thinking inspires you to bring your best to what we do together.
Benefits of being an Expert
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Leadership Principles

Self Awareness
Leaders start by knowing themselves. They know and understand that their actions have consequences. They continuously seek to improve and better themselves to better their outcome.
Think Customer
Leaders always start with customers and work backwards. They continuously look for ways to serve customers in meaningful ways. Sometimes that involves playing the role of a customer and predicting what may work for them.
Be curious
Leaders understand there is always more to learn. They are curios about new possibilities and they actively seek to explore them.
Build high standards as a habit
Leaders have extremely high standards. They set the bar high and continuously drive their team to achieve that bar. They know like bad habits, good habits can be contagious. They work to build achieving high standards as a way of life.
Think big and break it down
Leaders start with a grand vision that is hard to achieve and they break it down into small tasks they can achieve to reach one step closer to their vision.
Leaders seek to learn from anywhere and everywhere. For most there may be a concept of out of the box thinking. For leaders there is no box. Innovation is the way.
Being Frugal
Leaders do more with less. They do not wait around to have the best of resources to complete their task. They get resourceful and innovative to achieve their goal.
Simple Communication
Leaders are great communicators. They can take the most difficult thing and explain it to a 5 year old in the simplest of ways.
Magic is in the details
Leaders don’t lead from behind. They lead by example by getting down to the smallest details about the task at hand. They inspire strength and confidence in their team.
Earn trust and keep it
Leaders know trust is the most important currency they can ever earn. They know it takes a lot of time and effort to earn it and mere seconds to loose it. They work hard to earn trust and they work even harder to keep it.
Leaders take ownership of their actions and always seek long term benefits over short term rewards. They do not make excuses. They take calculated risk, commit and hold themselves accountable to their actions, no matter what the outcome is.
Hire and develop Experts
Leaders share a unique passion for their craft and they want to be surrounded by people Who understand and challenge them everyday. They hire and develop accordingly to increase their teams IQ.
Deliver Results
Leaders understand the value of time. Sometimes they will need to take calculated risks in order to do the task at hand and deliver results.

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