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Team and program registration are a stressful and time consuming process. Natty Hatty is here to help you simplify your life during these times of chaos. Natty Hatty offers clubs smart tools to host tryouts, create and run teams, register for leagues, tournaments, classes, camps and much more.

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Teams and Programs for Everyone

Looking to host a tryout and start a team? You came to the right place. With Natty Hatty’s simple and intuitive team and program set up process, you can easily create custom teams and programs to fit you and your customers needs. Create teams and programs based on


Recreational Activity






Skill Level

Find Talent Faster

Running a Mass Tryout Program has never been this easy


Create & Manage Your Club
at Scale

You can now create multiple teams and run them with just a few clicks. Natty Hatty gives you operational tools to create teams and reach new players with ease and lets you create a custom payment plan for your teams


Get the basics right

Simply enter in the basic details that you need to run a team and get started in minutes.

  1. Sports Category to participate in

    Choose from a variety of sports to take part in such as baseball, soccer and more.

  2. Registration timeline

    Give your players a timeline to join your team or simply just invite them yourself with just a few clicks later in the process.

  3. Length of team activity

    Select your team activity period and let your players know there commitment timeline

  4. Payment Plan Options

    Select a payment plan for your players to compensate you now or over a period of time.

Choose Exclusive vs Non Exclusive

  1. Looking to host something a little more exclusive? Use the exclusive setting to send private invites to a select group from your contact list.

  2. On the flip side, if you are looking to maximize your registration numbers you can create a non-exclusive team or program. Non-exclusive teams and programs will be available on the open marketplace for any customer to register.


Give an identity to your team

Give you team a unique name

Select the age range and gender for your players

Select level of difficulty your team will be participating in

  1. Champions
  2. Masters
  3. Gold
  4. Silver
  5. Bronze

Invite a Head Coach, Coaches, Players and more.


Create more lookalike teams or manage this team at scale.

Once you have created a single team, you do not need to enter new customer information or general team information again and again. You can now simply create thousands of look alike teams just with a few keystrokes. It’s that easy and simple!

Advantages of Natty Hatty

Seamlessly Transfer Data

When customers register for your teams or programs all their information will be made available to you upon registration. You will be able to access

  1. General player information
  2. General guardian information
  3. Player profile pictures, birth certificates and much more

With Natty Hatty you will never have to manually enter roster and player information ever again.

Automated Online Payments

It’s time to stop chasing and start collecting. When a customer registers for a team or program, they will be automatically enrolled into the payment plan. All payments will be automatically deducted from their customer account on your set due dates.

Simple and Intuitive Online Registration Process

You are probably well aware of the amount of time needed to address customer inquiries during registration.

  1. Not being able to login to accounts
  2. Having to manually register customers
  3. Trouble making payments

The list never ends. With Natty Hatty, your customers will spend less time on the phone with you. Instead they will easily navigate and register for your teams and programs.

Hassle Free Waivers

Stop wasting your time trying to get customers to sign your waivers. Anytime that a customer registers for your team or program, they must sign your most up to date waiver at the time of registration.

Automated Customer Communication

Don’t worry we will keep your customers up to date. We will send your customers automated emails regarding any important information for the teams or programs they register for. Your customer will receive emails when:

  1. Their registration is confirmed
  2. Their payment is collected
  3. Their team or program has been canceled and more

Targeted Marketing

Stop wasting your marketing efforts! Natty Hatty provides you with the perfect target audience to market your teams and programs and help maximize your revenue.


Ready to get started?

Create an account and start growing your teams and programs today - no contracts required. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our sales team.

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