Management smarts for teams

Natty Hatty has the tools and resources you need to create schedules, manage teams, rent spaces, receive payments online and scale the business of your dreams.
The software is free and will always be.
We make your team work, you make your dream work

Registration made simple

Easily create teams and fill your roster with open registration or with private invitations. Now, you can easily view player information like birth certificate, profile pictures and more.


Book easy, play hard

Practice time can be expensive and hard to find. Natty Hatty provides a vast selection of options to find the hottest deals and book within few clicks.


Compete with the best

Looking for the great competition to help your team grow? Pick and choose from a vast selection of leagues and tournaments. Sign up and Play. Really, it’s that simple.


Say yes to Money

Your accounts receivable will never cause you headaches again with automated payments. All transactions take place online and are set on a due date.


Stay in the loop

Keeping the team on the same page has never been easier with teams instant messaging and automated event reminders.


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